Fanthology 11.25.2020

Special Thanksgiving issue!

In light of tomorrow’s Turkey Day, here are a few things I found about the holiday’s origins:

From (a site you should bookmark, by the way), a detailed list of who was at the first thanksgiving. It includes how and when the tradition took hold. also has a timeline of the holiday.

And speaking of timelines, has details on exactly when to cook every dish for Thanksgiving Dinner. Lots of fabulous recipes included!

Fanthology 11.18.2020

Check out these tidbits I came across this week:

My computer went all wonky this morning, and I turned to Geek’s Advice for help. You should too, should you find yourself in such dire straits.

If you’re needing help with your ebook covers, Just Publishing Advice lists seven free book cover creators.

Also over at Just Publishing Advice, writer Derek Haines talks about how to spark your writing inspiration.

Film Courage checks in with Gordy Hoffman (BlueCat Screenplay Competition’s founder and judge) about what makes a screenplay stand out.

Good News Network shares this interesting article that posits the Lost Colony might have been found. It’s about time.

Fanthology 11.11.2020

Today’s recommendation deserves its own post.

Go Into The Story (GITS) is one of the best blogs out there for screenwriters and filmmakers. Scott Myers has hosted GITS since May 2008 and partners with Black List to present GITS as its official screenwriting blog.

The extensive archives hold a complete education in screenwriting. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean.

The item I’m highlighting today is Deep Focus: Film School on the Cheap, GITS’ post on resources put together by members of its community. It features five subject areas: movies, scripts and screenwriting, film analysis and criticism, filmmakers, and the evolution of filmmaking.

Be sure to bookmark the site. You’ll want to come back often.

Fanthology 11.4.2020

No, we don’t have a clear winner in the presidential election yet this morning, but work keeps going and so does the weekly search for interesting and informative stories to help writers. Check out these that I came across this week:

After the nail-biter election results of last night – and with no clear winner at the moment, I thought it best to start with a story from Good News Network about a farm where children with special needs connect with injured animals to form healing friendships. It’s stories like these that make me feel like we’re going to be okay.

Steven Pressfield talks about getting to true identity in his blog post, alone in a room wearing a mask. All of Pressfield’s posts are fabulous. I recommend following him.

Over at Writer’s Digest, editor/screenwriter Jeanne Veillette Bowerman shares some valuable tips on saving money on your screenwriting career. Jeanne’s another must-read that I highly recommend.

Derek Haines at Just Publishing Advice details how to write a blog post to attract more readers. I’m going to bookmark this one and follow the advice!

Also at Just Publishing Advice, Haines makes the case for using strong verbs to add punch to your writing.

Fanthology 10.28.2020

Check out these cool bits and pieces I came across this week:

Writer Katie Buller has put together a complete treasure trove of tools for authors that is so comprehensive it’s in two parts: part 1 here and part 2 here.

Writers Helping Writers outlines 4 ways to fix a boring story.

Over at Scriptmag, writer William C. Martell gives us the goods on invisible plants and payoffs. The article is specifically for the screenwriter audience, but the advice is good for novels as well.

For those of you who are putting together your samples, be sure to check out the advice from writer Noemi Tasarra-Twigg at Freelance Writing Gigs on the portfolio mistakes you want to avoid.

Here’s one just for fun: From the same folks who gave us the uproarious It’s a Southern Thing YouTube channel, Bless Your Rank includes several hilarious videos of food and beverage rankings.

Fanthology 10.21.2020

A few interesting stories I came across this week:

On the Create Write Now site, writer Joy Held encourages writer wellness and challenges with five things for your writing.

At IngramSpark, writer Scott La Counte explains how to promote a book on social media.

Derek Hanes at Just Publishing Advice discusses using a free starter series to sell more books.

BBC News has a life-imitates-myth story where an eight-year-old girl pulls a 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden.

Continuing with the “children leading us” theme, Good News Network has what we hope will be good news indeed: 14-year-old girl wins $25k for a scientific breakthrough that could lead to a Covid-19 cure.

Fanthology 10.14.2020

Here’s some fun stuff I came across this week:

Over at Scriptmag, writer Ray Morton delves into the best exposition scene ever written.

Writer Katie Buller provides a fabulous resource roundup for authors. (I hope to be added to her “Amazing Author Blogs” one day!)

At Ingramspark, writer Penny C. Sansevieri outlines 11 things you need to plan for holiday sales.

Writer Derek Haines at Just Publishing Advice gives us some news we can all use: 20 practical ways you can make money blogging.

For those of you who followed Bitter Script Reader (I did for years!), he’s been revealed. Scott Myers interviews him over at Go Into the Story.

Fanthology 10.7.2020

Check out these cool stories I came across this week:

Get social! At Freelance Writing Gigs, writer Kimberly Black shares info on the Benefits of Networking with Other Freelance Writers.

Speaking of social – be sure you do it right. Jeanne Veillette Bowerman at Script Magazine has some advice on social media etiquette.

For the DIY crowd, Derek Haines at Just Publishing Advice shows us all how to format an ebook in Microsoft Word.

Writer Katie Buller outlines self-care for authors – advice we would all do well to heed.

File this under “Love the Environment”: Good News Network shares a story by Andy Corbley about a super enzyme that eats plastic bottles.

Fanthology 9.30.2020

Check out these interesting and helpful tidbits I came across this week:

  • Matt Ott, one of my colleagues, penned this timely and thought-provoking piece on personal resilience.
  • Every writer has questions from time to time. Writer’s Digest has some publishing FAQs with answers.
  • Why have your characters walk into a room when they can amble, shuffle, stagger, and so on? One of the readers of Go Into The Story provides a PDF of 115 words for “walk” and a bonus PDF of 90 words for “look.”
  • If you’re planning to do National Novel Writing Month (held in November) this year, be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Planning for NaNoWriMo by writer Savannah Gilbo. This comprehensive guide is chock full of good info on novel-planning for any month.