I Do Declare…

Jazzing up the blues is the only way to deal with a RIF

Oil is good for us

Alligators are perfect

A good opening line is like a siren call to the muse

Here comes the new month on the wings of hope

Some Mondays are like this

The year’s half over and this isn’t anything close to what I thought it’d be

A musical genius has departed this world

Sometimes that ticking clock is right in your face

We need to do something about this month’s lack of holidays

Checklists are my life

The clock is a fierce opponent

The most important question in novel writing is “What if?”

New Year’s Eve needs to happen more often because I have resolutions to make

Such trying times call for updated nursery rhymes

A good historical work is better than a DeLorean

The Autumnal Equinox is upon us and it’s time to turn, turn, turn

The bots are connecting some weird dots on my job searches

Wodehouse speaks for all of us this fine October

The U.S. Navy could use a dose of my dad’s humor on its 245th birthday

A total of ten hours by train and six hours by car to tell someone you don’t know that she’s a blessing is not too much

Hurricane season is milking 2020 for all its worth

This is precisely the time for a Toni Morrison quote

Election hostility is a matter of “it has always been thus”

This month is dragging on so much that it calls for another Toni Morrison quote

God doesn’t want us cherry-picking our thanks


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