Fanthology 11.4.2020

No, we don’t have a clear winner in the presidential election yet this morning, but work keeps going and so does the weekly search for interesting and informative stories to help writers. Check out these that I came across this week:

After the nail-biter election results of last night – and with no clear winner at the moment, I thought it best to start with a story from Good News Network about a farm where children with special needs connect with injured animals to form healing friendships. It’s stories like these that make me feel like we’re going to be okay.

Steven Pressfield talks about getting to true identity in his blog post, alone in a room wearing a mask. All of Pressfield’s posts are fabulous. I recommend following him.

Over at Writer’s Digest, editor/screenwriter Jeanne Veillette Bowerman shares some valuable tips on saving money on your screenwriting career. Jeanne’s another must-read that I highly recommend.

Derek Haines at Just Publishing Advice details how to write a blog post to attract more readers. I’m going to bookmark this one and follow the advice!

Also at Just Publishing Advice, Haines makes the case for using strong verbs to add punch to your writing.

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