Cheer Me On: TV pilot submission

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Submission: SeriesFest Women Writing Competition


From the website: Broadening its mission to cultivate opportunities for and about women, SeriesFest is proud to partner with Big Swing Productions (founded by Emmy®- and Golden Globe®-winner Kyra Sedgwick, Meredith Bagby and Valerie Stadler) for the Women Writing Competition to discover and celebrate bold new series with a distinctly female perspective. The script writing competition gives female artists the opportunity to share diverse ideas through visual media and create unique and powerful roles for women. The winning artist(s) will receive a year-long development deal with Big Swing Productions and a live read of her script with professional actors.

The request is for a pilot script for a female-centric story (not to exceed 80 pages in length) for a 30-minute or 60-minute series.

You are allowed to submit only one . I submitted a contemporary quasi-medical/family pilot and series bible with character descriptions.

Notification date: August 31, 2019.

cheer me on while I wait!


New Feature: Cheer Me On!

Your health!No doubt about it, writing is fraught with a range of emotions: self-doubt, joy, fear, exhilaration, concern, achievement. And that’s part of the purpose of this site – to give encouragement and support (maybe even humor) when it’s needed to cheer you on toward the goal line.

Equally emotional is the next step, when you send it out for publication or submit to a competition or put it into the frame for all to see. In fact, that step may require even more of a boost.

I know; I’ve been there. And that’s why I decided to include some of my getting-it-out-there moments along with the results when they come in. It’s important to ask for help, and this is my opportunity to ask you to cheer me on when I send out queries and submittals.


Up first: The Writer’s Lab


From the website: The Writers Lab 2018 is supported by Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman and is produced by New York Women in Film & Television, in collaboration with the Writers Guild of America, East, with support from The Black List, Film Fatales, Tribeca Film Institute, Final Draft, Roadmap Writers, Relativity Ventures, and Stony Brook Southampton + Manhattan. The 2019 Writers Lab will take place October 2-6, 2019.

You are allowed to submit up to three screenplays. I submitted two: a World War II spy thriller and a contemporary supernatural thriller.

Notification date: August 1, 2019.

Cheer me on while I wait!