Best proofreader EVER

I came across @nyttypos from these two articles – here and here – and now I’m wondering where he’s been all my life.

A self-described “appellate lawyer and persnickety dude,” he’s delightfully witty and scathing* in his tweets – a college-level course in grammar.

Follow and learn!

*Normally I wouldn’t use “scathing” to describe something positive. However, in the case of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, scathing is appropriate. There are too many means of checking your writing to ever claim ignorance.

Mike and his spaghetti models keep us all even-keeled

Huge shout-out to (on Facebook as Mike’s Weather Page and on Twitter as @tropicalupdate). I recommend following him everywhere you find him.

It’s not necessarily something to help with your writing, but it’s definitely a sanity saver if you live on the coast and see a hurricane heading your way. As was the case this week with Hurricane Isaias.

Mike’s web site is a treasure trove of graphs, charts, and models curated from weather sources. Seriously – this screen grab (below) is showing only a tiny piece of all the site offers.

Mike typically gives live updates on Facebook to explain the different models and charts – and he does it with a dash of humor, which, let’s face it, one can use when the weather gets crazy. He often features his two sidekicks (French bulldogs), Hurricane Louis and Hunter.



Whom do you write like?

Check out I Write Like.

This is a fun site. Just paste your text into the box and click the Analyze button to see which famous writer your text most closely resembles.

It’s all in good fun – but it can be a subtle boost too. The couple of times I’ve done it, I’ve gotten Arthur Conan Doyle, Dan Brown, Jack London, and John Le Carre’. Not bad. I’ll take a comparison like that.