Fanthology 12.2.2020

As we head into the last month of one crazy year, here are a few tidbits I found to help fellow writers:

If you’re looking for free online photo editors and image editing software, Just Publishing Advice has you covered.

There are significant differences in how you present yourself as a freelancer versus as a job seeker. Freelance Writing Gigs weighs in on those differences in resumes and portfolios for freelance writers.

Over at Go Into the Story, Scott Myers offers some motivation for those navigating the swirling waters of screenwriting: Feet on the ground. Head in the clouds. Bonus: There’s a link to more of his wit and wisdom at the end of his post.

Derek Haines at Just Publishing Advice offers a good discussion of whether KDP Select free Kindle ebook promotions work.

Good News Network has an article in which Americans reveal how they’re staying positive in 2020. We could all use some helpful hints in that area, couldn’t we?

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