Fanthology 9.30.2020

Check out these interesting and helpful tidbits I came across this week:

  • Matt Ott, one of my colleagues, penned this timely and thought-provoking piece on personal resilience.
  • Every writer has questions from time to time. Writer’s Digest has some publishing FAQs with answers.
  • Why have your characters walk into a room when they can amble, shuffle, stagger, and so on? One of the readers of Go Into The Story provides a PDF of 115 words for “walk” and a bonus PDF of 90 words for “look.”
  • If you’re planning to do National Novel Writing Month (held in November) this year, be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Planning for NaNoWriMo by writer Savannah Gilbo. This comprehensive guide is chock full of good info on novel-planning for any month.

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