Fanthology 9.23.2020

A few interesting and helpful things I found this week:

  • Running short of ideas? Check out this list of 300 story ideas from Go Into the Story. The blog is written by Scott Myers, who is the most generous man on the planet.

Fanthology 9.16.2020

A few interesting things I found this week:

  • Over on his website, Steven Pressfield discusses the need for historical fiction and its ability to portray notions such as honor and integrity in a way that contemporary literature cannot.
  • While you’re on Pressfield’s site, take advantage of all the expertise he imparts. I recommend starting here.
  • Writer Melanie Roussel has an informative and entertaining post on technobabble. This is a must read for those who write science fiction or speculative fiction.

Fanthology 9.9.2020

A few interesting things I found this week:

Fanthology 9.2.2020

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to revise the I’m a Fan post on Wednesdays to link to several helpful or entertaining items instead of highlighting one per week. Like so:

  • At Scriptmag: a valuable primer on subtext.