I Do Declare: alligators are perfect

The alligator is an amazing creature. It has an undeserved reputation as a monster-beast, but maintains the good grace to be exactly what God created it to be and to be happy in his own skin.

Guided journal for Lent

Find it on Amazon/Kindle. Free between March 7 and March 11. On any given day, we can find ourselves preoccupied with financial or relational challenges, physical or emotional trials, or vocational or social issues – sometimes several at once. Such concerns can sidetrack us and keep us from enjoying a fulfilling relationship with God and […]

Book News: Turning August is published!

The book is in print – ebook and soft cover form. Check it out! On sale at Amazon/Kindle. After the discover the truth, how do you atone for believing the lie? The question haunts a professor of linguistics, recruited by the SS to gather intel, who discovers the atrocities committed by the Nazis and finds […]

Go Write: The Alley

There’s a local myth about this alley. It’s been around since the 1700s, and word has it people have disappeared down it – 10 of them just since 1970, when a reporter started investigating it. He collected stories and anecdotes about the alley, but he disappeared before anything could be published. He walked down the […]