I’m Shelia Watson, a writer and editor living, working and enjoying chocolate in the Charleston, S.C., area.

I have 20+ years of experience writing and editing articles, books, screenplays, white papers, calendars, journals, technical reports, books (both nonfiction and novels), booklets, curricula and anything else that interests me. My love of the written word is both my livelihood and my passion.

Some of my likes:

  • chocolate (as noted above)
  • naps
  • cloudy and rainy days
  • history (in any form I can get it — book, movie, miniseries or TV series)
  • wine (preferably bubbly)
  • alligators

Some things that make me crazy:

  • apostrophe abuse
  • grammar mistakes from those who should know better
  • people who whine incessantly about being too busy

Some things about me that are always true:

  • I hold deadlines sacred.
  • I’m a fanatic about grammar and spelling.
  • If I give you my word, I’ll do what I promised or die trying.